Transfer Labels

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UV 3D Transfer Labels

3D transfer label is ideal for labeling your products & packaging. Different from ordinary labels, it can transfer your logo to the product or packaging, just like the effect of screen printing. Moreover, its unique 3D relief effect can help your brand stand out anywhere.


Metallic 3D Transfer Labels

The metallic transfer label belongs to high-end packaging solution. It adopts a unique electroplating hot stamping process to add a metallic texture to your products, which make your product look more upscale and luxurious. Therefore, it is more popular in industries such as gift customization, jewelry, electronic products and mechanical equipment.


Removable Fabric Transfer Sticker

This is a magical sticker! Without heat pressing or special treatment, it can transfer any patterns to various fabrics such as shoes, backpacks, clothes, caps etc. Just put it on like a normal sticker, and then press it with your hands, and that's it.